Adventure in Cockholding #3

She spent the next ten minute’s sex talking Larry about her pussy and cum swallowing abilities finally she hung up.

Friday morning, she received a text from Larry, the address was a small pub on the west side of town, a very fashionable area. Jim arrived home while she was dropping her kids off. He packed his overnight bag with necessities camera equipment and vodka. He was ready for the weekend. Peg arrived half an hour later, it was only 5 pm they had two hours so they watched the video of her E and Larry again. The video had made her hot as hell she asked Jim “can we go early and have a drink there”? He nodded so they packed up their bags and headed for the pub.

Arriving at 6:35 they found a parking spot, she looked around the lot for the van but there was none in site. “Jim lets go in and get a drink then around 7 they should be here”. Jim agreed, as they entered the pub they saw Larry at a table by himself, they walked over “hi sexy” Larry looked up see her his face started to beam. “Hello their yourself you sexy bitch”. She planted a kiss on his lips as they sat down to order drinks. “We thought you wouldn’t be here yet lover, where is your friend”? 

They talked for a bit about the parties Larry explained it was called a cum party. The deal was if a couple of guys had hot girlfriend who were into sex they could bring them providing all the other guys who brought women could exchange partners for the weekend. He explained a couple of the girls had three guys they would cum with. Peg was wiggling in her seat she was so hot. Larry explained Jim’s role was to video each of the women with their various partners and give them the flash drive to take home to view later.

Suddenly standing before them were two nicely dressed black men, Larry stood up shook their, “Morgan this is Peggy she stood he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips, and this is Jeff”. Jeff followed the same procedure but cupped her left tit before they all sat and ordered drinks.

After the drinks arrived their conversation turned to the sex weekend Morgan and Larry were doing all the talking as Jeff sat smiling at her. She turned slightly in her chair “Jeff baby you ok”? He looked at her “I’m just listening” the words were ringing with a heavy accent she wasn’t sure whether it was African or Middle Eastern. As she engaged him he told her he was from the Congo. They finished their drinks, Peg stood up “well guys let’s get going OK”? All four men stood and headed for the door. 

They drove in two cars to a large house at the end of quiet very well to do street. As they exited the cars Peg who had ridden with Jeff and Larry was notably disheveled. It was obvious she had been felt up extensively on the way. She fixed her dress and headed for the door. She knocked the door opened and their stood a tall Latino, “hi I’m Juan”. “Larry spoke “hi Juan these are my friends Peggy, Morgan and Jeff”. Juan shook the men’s hands and kiss Peg on the lips. “Please come in you are on time, it seems where waiting for our last couple”. They entered a large den where there were already three women and at least 9 men with the three she had just brought there were now 12 men and another couple was coming. They all headed to the bar there was a woman behind the bar. “Hi I’m Carol I assume you’ve already met my friend Juan”? Peg spoke “yes I’m Peg and these gents are”. Before she could say any more Carols, hands went up “Peg your new so let me explain the rules, only we woman have names. Our men are referred to as big dick, lover, cum dumper etc. but that’s it. After our last couple arrives we’ll start the cum contest”. Peg looked shocked, “what cum contest”?

Carol leaned across the bar, “once our last couple arrives we’ll have another drink by then us ladies will start being escorted to various bedrooms for our first sex secession of the evening. After a proper fucking, you will come back to this room in a light pair of panties which should show the amount of cum you received and where it went. Since we all are DP girls the guys try to outdo themselves by dumping their largest loads of the evening so we can see who got it best”. Peg was taken back “are you ok with this sweetie”? “Yes can I have a vodka on the rocks, please”.

The last couple to arrive was a girl named Trish, she had auburn hair a fair rack but an ass to dry for as her three male escorts joked. Juan locked the front door came into the room and announced “let the party begin”! The air was charged with sexual electricity the women would giggle as one of the guys she came with would joke about some sexual thing or the other. Peggy got up to get another drink, as she did two Latino’s and a black guy who had brought a girl named Michelle got up and headed to the bar where she was getting a drink.

A tall hansom guy smiled at her he asked “are you ready for the party to get started”? She smiled at him “I guess so but I do have a question for you guys”. All three looked at her the black dude said “what’s the question”? She put her hand on her hip cocked her head to the side “are we going to win the cum contest”? All of them laughed “were going to try like hell if it’s ok with you, your name is Peggy right”? “Yes, that’s my name so let’s go”.

The group walked down the hall the first door they came to was a bedroom opening the door she entered first. It didn’t take long until she was on the bed in only her panties with three nice cocks staring her in the face. Now she started to suck on them she was in cock haven! She felt someone’s hands on the waistband of her panties she lifted her as slightly as they were slipped off. Instantly one of the guys was sucking on her clit she was very wet and horny so within a few minutes she had a small orgasm. Now the guy who had been sucking her clit got between her legs she smiled she spread her legs wide as she felt the head of his cock slipping up and down her pussy lips. She moaned “stop teasing me I need a good fucking now”. The cock plunged deep into her waiting pussy, her pussy wall clamped on to it the cock felt wonderful. “Fuck me deep babe, I really need this ahhhhhhhh”. Her pussy wall clamped onto his cock as she orgasmed. This was a deep orgasm, she felt her juices running down the crack of her ass. She was still orgasming as she felt him stiffen, pushing deep into her she4 felt hot cum flooding her pussy walls this caused the orgasm to reignite as another wave rushed through her.

She was catching her breath as another cock slipped into her cum filled pussy. She looked up gave a coy look “baby your cock feels great let my pussy milk it dry for you”. The next couple of minutes her pussy milked his cock she was moaning with delight when she felt him stiffen, she was rewarded for her efforts with yet another large hot load of cum which caused her to orgasm yet again. The two guys who had fucked her each grabbed one of her legs and pulled them to her shoulders, she saw the third guy step in close. In the position, she was in her butt hole was completely exposed that and her pussy was way up as not to let any cum leak out yet. She felt the pressure in her ass then the well lubed cock head slipped half way in. “Jesus babe go slow you’ve got a big cock and I need time to stretch out for you”. Her bowels muscles went to work milking this cock, it didn’t take long until she felt his cock go deep hot cum flooded into her bowels. She gave a contented moan. Now while the two guys continued to hold her legs the third guy found her panties on the floor and had them pulled back up in nothing flat. They released her legs, almost immediately she felt cum running out of both her well used holes. She stood up, looking at herself in the mirror she smiled “well guys think we’ve got a chance to win the cum contest”? All three gave her thumbs up, then the black guys asked “should we go back in and see what’s up”? She smiled at him “give me a few more minutes to drain I want to win if possible”.

Five minutes later they walked out of the bedroom she had left her bra in the bedroom she was topless, the cum soaked panties showed off that she had been fucked and which holes had been used. She saw Barbara, Carol and Michelle stand at the bar all of them were topless and all of them had large wet stains. Michelle gave her thumbs up “you look like a well fucked lady who wants to win the contest”. Peg smiled “I had a lot of great help as you can see”. All the guys were laughing. 

For another five minutes, they all stood around drinking then they saw Trish heading towards the bar, looking at her crotch they all laughed. Michelle pointed at her “well ladies I think we are seeing the winner, right”? Trish not only had two large wet patches but cum was running down both her legs. “Hi girls so who do we think is the winner”?

Juan stepped forward Jim was videoing the entire event as Juan handed Trish a silver box, she opened it and smiled. Inside was a silver choker which ready CUM SLUT! Beaming with pride she put it on “ok now that we know the winner can I have a drink”.

After a drink, Juan and two other Latino guys asked Peg “think you’d like to Cuba cock”? Without any hesitation, she replied “I’d love some I thought you were never going to ask”. They spent the next hour and a half fucking her. They DP her twice all she could do was moan with animal pleasure by the time she had drained their nut sacks she was exhausted from Cuming, she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had. She was covered in cum partly because she had given a couple of guys who were walking by looked in and saw the action very good blow job and both times was rewarded with large mouthfuls of cum.

She fell asleep and when she woke there were different guys with her, they all had morning wood. She went right to work and 90 minutes later there was not a hard cock in the room. She changed into fresh underwear and headed out to the den, she heard the girls talking and found them all but Trish around a table drinking coffee. By the time, she poured a cup and was heading to the table she once again had large front and rear wet stains. Barbara laughed, “that’s one advantage men have they don’t drain for days”. They all agreed. Peg spoke “I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m going to walking funny for several days, that any white poo”! Everyone laughed, Michelle spoke “you’re right but I think it’s well worth it don’t you guys”? They all responded in unison YES! 

Driving home She gave Jeff a super blow job in the back seat of the car. She and Jim went in the house, Jim hurried to his office to edit the video. Her phone rang, it was Larry “hi honey nut sack have anything left”? “No babe but by Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be recharged. The reason for the call is Juan called me asked if you’d like to go to the party next month with us”. “Oh, god I’d love to will Jim be coming”? “No, this time it’s just us you ok with that”? “Honey if my pussy feels this good after the next party I’m your girl” I don’t have a problem walking funny for a few days”. “Great talk to you later in the week”. Larry hung up, as she stood wondering what to bring to wear to the next party and how to tall Jim he wasn’t invited a large blob of cum plopped out of her pussy. She smiled and thought I wonder who’s cum that was?
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